Smiley House

Note: SmileyHouse is no longer in development. Check out SmileyHouse's spiritual successor: SmileyCountry. However, you can still play by hosting your own server. It's also Open Source now!

Download Server (with Source in Jamagic) (Edit MainIP in Client_Settings.ini to connect to your own server)
Download Client Source Code (MMF1.5)

Important: To play this game on Windows Vista/7+, you have to run it as Administrator. To do this, right click the already installed game, and click "Run as administrator".

Welcome to the wacky world of Smiley House, a humorous Multiplayer Online RPG (role playing game) that has you running around as a happy face.
Do as you wish from there on.

Technicalities: This game has a full inventory system, semi-dynamic room system (items can be dropped and will stay there until picked up), class system, clothes system (you can dress up your character), action PVP fighting, NPC dialogue, action monster movement + fighting, mini-games, drinking (with drunk effects), and more.

SmileyHouse is free to play for as long as you like, but if you'd like to support the game and get some neat in-game extras for it, purchase VIP status for a one-time fee of only $5. Be sure to tell us your Username, otherwise we don't know who to make a VIP. :)

Edit: Since the game is Museum-mode at this point, I'm not taking any more donations for it. Instead, go support the new game. :P


Here's someone hunting a bunny by the fountain. Click to enlarge.

Smileys can change their looks at any time using the Outfit Selector.