Dispatcher now free!

Dispatcher is now fully free to use, even for commercial use. The new Open Source Edition has all the features of the previous Corporate Edition, except it’s now free for everyone. It works really well and has no major bugs to my knowledge, but consider the┬ácaveat that I am no longer maintaining it.

The source code is also available for everyone to look at. A few years ago, I released the source code to Dispatcher to everyone who bought a Corporate Edition. The terms of the source code haven’t changed from before. You can modify it for your own use, and you can release patches to it, but you can’t redistribute the full source yourself, or builds of your modified Dispatcher (just the Updater.exe). If you’d like to take over Dispatcher / release your own variant, please contact me.

Thanks to everyone who supported Dispatcher over the years! It wouldn’t have gotten as far as it has without you.

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