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Thanks everyone!


If you’d like to have an offline backup of, download it here. Here is a mirror download link.

And don’t forget that Dispatcher is now free, and this new Open Source Edition is the definitive one. You can install it over the Free, Pro, or Corp Edition. All versions will keep working, but the Open Source Edition is the best.

Edited: Here’s an updated SmileyHouse client with all update data, so you can play offline.

Thanks everyone!

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News Now Displayed On Frontpage

If you are reading this from the frontpage, this news may not be overwhelming to you.

The news system is now working well. Friendfeed took about the whole night before it started auto-posting stories from here to Twitter, but it does work.

Enough of these news-related news stories though! The next post shall be about one of Puchisoft’s software programs. Incidentally, did you notice the quick links to them from this blog? (Look right)

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Added Twitter and FriendFeed

You can now follow new happenings at Puchisoft via Twitter and Friendfeed.

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Hello World!

Hey there! This is the first post of the new news system. If you are reading this in the distant future, please realize that Puchisoft had news way before this news system came out. If you want to see some, check out the Announcement forum.

My plan is to automatically spread posts I make here all over the place (RSS support is build in, so you can start adding this to your Google Reader now), with Twitter first. Then my hope is to be able to get these news stories onto the front page of Puchisoft automatically.

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