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Dispatcher Source Now Included with Corporate Edition!

Anyone who purchased the Corporate Edition can now log in to download the source code to Dispatcher. The License is currently that you can’t redistribute anything but source patches (in the version control sense), and compiled versions of the Updater.exe only (not Dispatcher.exe or Compiler.exe).

If you haven’t purchased Dispatcher, and you are considering purchasing it, keep these points in mind:

  • I am no longer actively developing Dispatcher
  • The source code is half written in NSIS (Free) and half in MMF2 Developer (Not Free!)
  • I wrote most of this code years back at this point, and it’s not necessarily easy to follow
  • While I have no firm plans at the moment, Dispatcher may turn much more open source than it is today, in the future

Sorry to those of you who are disappointed that I am no longer developing Dispatcher. The project never really made substantial money, and it just doesn’t make sense for me to continue working on it.

If you are interested in buying the rights to work on and sell Dispatcher yourself, send me an email.

And with that, enjoy the source!

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Dispatcher is going Open Source

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that I have not had time recently to work on Dispatcher. While there have been no significant bug reports in Mantis, there are some feature requests that make sense. I just haven’t had the time to work on them.

Dispatcher is still the best tool out there that I know of for its use-case. I have decided to make Dispatcher open source, so that you guys at least have full control over this integral part of your software.

How exactly this will pan out is still up in the air. Anyone with the Corporate Edition is first in line to get the source, and I intent to also release it to anyone with the Professional Edition. I might even decide later on to release it to the public.

It will take some effort to go through the source and clean it up for release, so I can’t give an ETA at this time.

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Introducing Impostors, a Live Web Game

After a few weeks of joyous private beta testing, Impostors has now entered the public beta!

Impostors is a live chat web game. The game plays similarly to the Mafia/Werewolf party game, but much more streamlined. The rules have been simplified, and the deception dialed up to the max. Use deception and deduction to win! Can you fool others into trusting you, while yourself knowing that it is you who is the impostor?

Edit: The original Impostors is currently being rewritten from the ground up. Check back for new posts soon.






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GetIt now hosted on Google Code

GetIt, which indexes various repository-based windows application installers, is now hosted on Google Code. The project’s page on still hosts the the best FAQ and usage-guide for non-developers.

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New Dispatcher: New Language and Fixes

A new version of Dispatcher was released with default support for Spanish, thanks to Acehart. The working directory is now also set to that of your application when it is launched by the Updater, among other bug fixes.

If you already have Dispatcher installed, it will be updated automatically.

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New Dispatcher and Sale

A new version of Dispatcher has just been released. The Pro/Corp editions now allow you to add custom data to the Stats Reporting feature.

If you’re still using the Freeware edition, now’s a great time to upgrade, since Dispatcher is now on Sale! Get it while it’s hot! :)

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Get the Professional Edition of Dispatcher for Free with TrialPay

While the Freeware Edition of Dispatcher remains completely free to use for freeware authors, you can now also get the Professional Edition for free by completing an offer with TrialPay. If you’ve been enjoying Dispatcher but didn’t want to pay the full price, why not give TrialPay a try?

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New Private Alpha of Smiley Country Released: Player Fighting

A new milestone has been reached. Thanks to features like projectiles, player health, and player states, SmileyCountry now features the basics needed for some PvP testing. As always, Puchisoft Dispatcher will automatically update Smiley Country to the newest version when you start the game.

For detailed and more frequent game updates, check out Smiley Country’s own blog.

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New Dispatcher: Now with support for Czech

A new version of Dispatcher was just released with default support for Czech, thanks to Daniel Housa. The OK/Cancel buttons can now also be translated, and are in the 3 default languages: English, German, and Czech.

If you already have Dispatcher installed, it will of course be updated automatically. :)

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New Private Alpha of Smiley Country Released: Economy

When you start Smiley Country today, the Dispatcher-made Updater will get you updated to the new version automatically. The game is still in Private Alpha, but there’s still room for more testers. If you are interested, reply here.

The main new features are related to Economy and Destruction. The whole core life cycle of the game world is in now:

  • Coins are now generated by each Area’s user-run City Hall… right into player’s pockets
  • Construction Jobs for Buildings like Sawmills can be set (as well as setting the reward). So if you have money, and you want someone to build you a Sawmill at a certain place, you can set a Construction Job there with some coins, and the builder gets those coins when they build your Sawmill for you. Or just do it yourself.
  • Buildings are built using Planks.
  • Buildings can be traded with. The owner gives the building a budget and sets the Sell and Buy prices. Sawmills buy logs at the owner-set price, automatically convert these to planks at a certain rate, and then sell them back to anyone willing to pay the owner-set price.
  • Anyone’s buildings can be destroyed using Clubs. These are manufactured at the Club Armory building. They are created from logs also, and break with usage. In this way it takes resources both to Build and to Destroy.
  • Buildings can be Repaired using Planks also.

All the ingredients for a basic economy game are in now, so feel feel free to test away. The game is already better than it was this morning, thanks to feedback by the community. So enlist to try the game today.

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