Here you tools that offer various useful tasks.

Development Tools

Gets the MD5 of a file by simply dragging it into the window. Remembers the previously recorded MD5 for easy comparison. Informs you when the last two files' MD5s match. Allows you to copy the MD5 checksum out of the window. Not for use with huge files. View Screenshot

This tool allows to instantly close any running process. Very simple to use! Just run the included exe with the filename of the process you wish to terminate as the commandline. Example: "kill.exe MyProgram.exe" and MyProgram.exe will be closed, if it is running.

jSourcey is a freeware application that will turn your one source code into two versions, a Full version and a Demo version. This is done at source level, by completely removing or adding source code for/from the corresponding versions. Both generated versions will be free of comments. View ReadMe

[Jamagic] ClickHelp Fix
This fixes the Jamagic problem where ClickHelp doesn't work after re-installing windows. You would have to re-install Jamagic manually if it wasn't for this fix.



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