Space Arena (Screensaver)

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New Version 1.2! Check it out now. If you are having problems, try the old release.

SpaceArena is a free screensaver where four different tribes of space ships fight a four-way team frag fest. There is no spyware or adware bundled with our products!

  • Watch the sparks fly as four teams of different space ships duke it out in space!

  • Each type of space ship has different weapons, and a different style of fighting.

  • Cheer for your favorite class of space ship, as you watch the other three's death count number increase!

  • Watch the deathmatch's destruction and explosions.

  • Health packs - Ships low on health will stop hunting down their current target and go for health.

  • Ammo packs - Everyone enjoys some extra ammo, but heavily powered ships like the MissleFreak will hardly be able to shoot their missles without one.

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