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Welcome to the wacky world of Smiley House, a humorous Multiplayer Online RPG (role playing game) that has you running around as a happy face.
Do as you wish from there on.

  • Chose to be one of 5 classes: Mage, Soldier, Guard, Knight, or Builder. You can switch at any time without loss.

  • Gain experience to advance in your current class and unlock all sorts of powers, ranging from Energy Blasts to Shotguns.

  • Buy food at the food store, or hunt your own. Sell your excess food at the food store, or to other players via the Trading system. Trade with friends!

  • Slay monsters and beat the dungeons to plunder their treasures and get rare items! Form a team with other players to make this task easier.

  • Fight other players in the wild, or at any of the various arenas provided inside the SmileyHouse building.

  • Get rich off the various misc. skills, including mining, fishing, cooking, and tree shaking.

  • Hit the bar with your pals for an easy way to get your hunger down. Just try not to drink too much, as it will hinder your from talking and using your skills properly.

  • This free 2D game runs any version of windows after 95.

Technicalities: This game has a full inventory system, semi-dynamic room system, class system, clothes system (you can dress up your character), fight system, NPC system, monster system, mini-games, drinking (with drunk effects), and more.

SmileyHouse is free to play for as long as you like, but if you'd like to support the game and get some neat in-game extras for it, purchase VIP status for a one-time fee of only $5.

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